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January 2015 - Synergy Technology

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Reacting to the Sony Hack

First we thought North Korea was behind the Sony cyberattacks. Then we thought it was a couple of hacker guys with an axe to grind. Now we think North Korea is behind it again, but the connection is still tenuous. There have been accusations of cyberterrorism, and even cyberwar. I’ve heard calls for us to […]

How to survive Windows Server 2003 End of Life

If you’re a small or medium-sized business who is currently running Windows Server 2003, it’s time for an upgrade! In case you hadn’t heard, the software is reaching End of Support on the 14th July 2015. Are you wondering what this means for you? Its quite simple – there will no longer be any patches or security updates, […]

The Changing Face of Business Technology

Technology is changing the way businesses attract and win new customers – and retain and grow their existing ones – in the new digital age. By exploiting technology, from helping to stand out in their markets and sell to delivering excellence in customer service, there’s never been a better opportunity to create a competitive edge […]

5 Benefits of Bringing Payroll In-House

The New Year brings about the perfect opportunity to re think your payroll processes. Are you currently outsourcing this to a payroll provider? Here’s just a few of the reasons to bring payroll in-house in 2015: 1. Cost Control Cost is the most important factor when evaluating the benefits of in-house payroll. Although the up-front […]