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March 2016 - Synergy Technology

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The Most Overlooked Requirement in Choosing an ERP System

The most overlooked requirement in choosing an ERP system is ensuring your approved partner has the breadth of experience to combine all the necessary components together into the most practical long-term solution that maximises the full use of technology. During ERP system selection, the various costs and possible benefits are analysed in considerable detail and then […]

5 Ways ERP Helps Manage a More Agile Manufacturing Process

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications can help small and medium sized manufacturers respond with unprecedented agility no matter what customers might demand. ERP can help organisations reach lean manufacturing capabilities and just-in-time production principals, as well. Manufacturing agility is the ability to respond quickly to unpredictable changes in demand. In today’s market, agility is not only […]

Discover the power to meet your needs with Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Growing your business takes more than just hard work. You need deep insights, complete control over your finances, and the ability to streamline processes and reduce costs. You need to delight customers every day. Without fail. If business is good, chances are, your current business management software isn’t keeping up. In fact, it’s probably holding […]