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April 2016 - Synergy Technology

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Software Piracy – avoid the risks: use an accredited partner

When making purchasing decisions about business software it may be tempting to simply go with a cheap provider or buy online from an unknown source. The biggest myth about pirated software is that it’s cheap and doesn’t harm anyone. The truth is, everybody pays – and the price can be high: In the UK, 24% […]

The UK Government’s recently launched Cyber Essential Scheme

With rising security threats and cyber-attacks against businesses and organisations, time is of the essence to improve your digital defences. A good approach to this is to follow the UK Government’s recently launched Cyber Essentials scheme. Cyber Essentials is becoming recognised as a valuable roadmap and kitemark for businesses wishing to improve their cyber security and provide evidence […]

Top 10 Technology and IT Trends predicted for 2016

It’s 2016 – a year to celebrate some of our favourite quadrennial events: we get to welcome back the leap year, and cheer on Team GB at the Summer Olympics in Rio. There will be great rejoicing among bean-counters everywhere, as the UN has designated 2016 the International Year of the Pulses. Where we will […]

Strategic IT choices for your business

In the past, keeping a business IT system up-to-date was simpler. Whoever looked after your IT installed the latest patch or update on the server and pushed those updates out to networked machines. Or if you were a really small operation, one person went from machine to machine implementing the latest upgrades. Today, so called ‘virtual […]

Cyber Security – How businesses are faring

The Government and industry leaders in cyber security want to make the country the safest place to do business in the digital world. Today, cyber threats pose one of the biggest dangers to the economy and businesses are being urged to take action to protect themselves. The latest Cyber Security survey, conducted in 2015 on […]