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July 2017 - Synergy Technology

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Engage, Inspire & Empower Your Employees

The ability to work virtually makes your company stand out – both for customers and colleagues – and is ever easier to achieve. The virtual workforce is not a new concept. For instance, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have been available in businesses since the 1980s. Similarly, the advent of email – and fax before that – […]

Business Intelligence Reporting Integration with Pegasus XRL

Pegasus XRL is the award-winning Business Intelligence tool which seamlessly links your financial information with Microsoft Excel. A feature of Opera 3, by using XRL there is no more re-keying, no more copy-and-pasting and no more data falling through the cracks.  It’s just fast, accurate and secure reporting and analysis. Synergy Technology is one of […]

The idea of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

The idea of upgrading to Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 may have been floating around in your head since its launch late last year, but time has passed and you are still using your current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Why change what still works right? Yes your system works, yes you manage day-by-day, but what […]