Application Support

Our Ethics Continually striving to be the best at what we do.

We make a point of listening carefully to what our customers need

Our ethics

We make a point of listening carefully to what our clients need and want their business applications to do for them. We back this up with a comprehensive knowledge of what is available as ‘off the shelf’ systems and the possibilities of tailoring them and creating bespoke solutions to clients’ needs and wants.

Synergy Technology has made a point of supplying systems that we are prepared to work with ourselves since we started in the late 90’s. If we wouldn’t recommend it to ourselves; we wouldn’t recommend it to a client.

We have an on-going and regular training programme to ensure our people are able to provide the best technical and business advice to our customers.

Our support team are regularly trained to ensure they retain a high level of knowledge and breadth of experience in the range of line of business software systems that we deliver.

It is a fundamental belief at Synergy Technology that our team should integrate well and enjoy working with us and our clients. We are demanding of excellence in our team, and as we all spend the vast majority of our waking hours at work, making it an open and enjoyable as well as an on-going learning opportunity keeps people happier and makes business run smoother for us all.

Our ethos

Synergy Technology operates at all times and in all circumstances with integrity, with a clear focus on developing the best possible solution for our clients, offering the most knowledgeable and comprehensive advice and guidance to produce the most appropriate solutions. We are a business too, and we treat our clients in exactly the same manner that we want to be treated ourselves; whether business or personally focused.

Business software can be a very frustrating subject matter for all those who work with it – especially when it goes wrong. We recognise it is, quite rightly, invisible when it works well and infuriating when it doesn’t. We all suffer from such frustrations with the tools we work with in our professional lives, and we aim to reduce the impact of this as much as we can, and get people and systems up and running for our clients as quickly as is possible.

We endeavour to demystify business software and ensure your business applications work as smoothly as possible in their job as an important facilitator for your business.