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The rise of the virtual payslip

Gone are the days when payroll was concerned only with pay, tax and National Insurance contributions. Now payroll departments are expected to manage pension contributions, Save as You Earn share option schemes, Give As You Earn charitable giving schemes; salary sacrifice and flexible benefits plans. Not to mention the complex compliance and HMRC demands placed […]

Making Big Data work for an SME

We spoke to Tony Poole, Director at Synergy Technology, for his experience and insight into the movement of Big Data and the analytics that goes along with it. In terms of a Big Data project you have implemented, be it either internally in your business or externally with an SME client, what were the key […]

Realise your business intelligence

Often, the image surrounding Big Data and business intelligence focuses on how giant corporations can hoover up an extraordinary amount of information, feed it into powerful computers that spit out a stream of crucial analysis and insights that the corporation uses to save itself billions. According to a recent report by Research and Markets: “the global […]

10 Reasons to Move to Pegasus Opera 3 from Sage 50

There are many reasons why moving from Sage 50 to Pegasus Opera would be beneficial for your business. We have selected what we believe are the top 10 reasons why your business should make the move.

Create a Virtual Workforce

How can you begin creating your new environment? Virtual working has never been more cost effective or easy to implement. In the last few years, a plethora of technological advances have put the possibility of creating a virtual workforce within reach for most companies. No longer is the virtual workforce only relevant to international organisations […]

The Birth of Big Data

The term Big Data is more than just jargon: in fact one of the most commonly heard buzzwords in business today is ‘Big Data’ This particular phrase is more than just jargon however. In fact, it’s potentially one of the most significant disruptors in the enterprise since the Internet itself. Relevant across almost all verticals […]

10 Steps to Cyber Security for your Business

THE 10 CYBER SECURITY STEPS guidance is for businesses looking to protect themselves in cyberspace. Originally published by the Government in 2012 and now used by around two thirds of the FTSE350, the guidance remains the same and is reproduced below. Central to any organisation’s overall strategy to manage and control the threat of cyber-attacks is the […]

Off-Payroll Working Hours changes HMRC - Synergy Technology blog.

Is Your Business set up for Employees to Work from Home?

Quoted in research from the Institute of Inertia, some 24% of British employees, equivalent to 7.5 million workers, have revealed work-life balance is high on their agenda as they would prefer working from home instead of receiving increased pay. As part of research to promote the National Work From Home Day on 20 May 2016 […]

Software Piracy – avoid the risks: use an accredited partner

When making purchasing decisions about business software it may be tempting to simply go with a cheap provider or buy online from an unknown source. The biggest myth about pirated software is that it’s cheap and doesn’t harm anyone. The truth is, everybody pays – and the price can be high: In the UK, 24% […]