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The UK Government’s recently launched Cyber Essential Scheme

With rising security threats and cyber-attacks against businesses and organisations, time is of the essence to improve your digital defences. A good approach to this is to follow the UK Government’s recently launched Cyber Essentials scheme. Cyber Essentials is becoming recognised as a valuable roadmap and kitemark for businesses wishing to improve their cyber security and provide evidence […]

Top 10 Technology and IT Trends predicted for 2016

It’s 2016 – a year to celebrate some of our favourite quadrennial events: we get to welcome back the leap year, and cheer on Team GB at the Summer Olympics in Rio. There will be great rejoicing among bean-counters everywhere, as the UN has designated 2016 the International Year of the Pulses. Where we will […]

Strategic IT choices for your business

In the past, keeping a business IT system up-to-date was simpler. Whoever looked after your IT installed the latest patch or update on the server and pushed those updates out to networked machines. Or if you were a really small operation, one person went from machine to machine implementing the latest upgrades. Today, so called ‘virtual […]

The Most Overlooked Requirement in Choosing an ERP System

The most overlooked requirement in choosing an ERP system is ensuring your approved partner has the breadth of experience to combine all the necessary components together into the most practical long-term solution that maximises the full use of technology. During ERP system selection, the various costs and possible benefits are analysed in considerable detail and then […]

Add Lead Management to your SuperOffice CRM

Get qualified lead management from web and marketing activities delivered automatically to your SuperOffice CRM while they are still hot using eMarketeer. Developed using a set of best practices learned through hundreds of CRM integrations, eMarketeer’s lead management solution provides a quick self-deployment process that helps you determine which data should be shared between the two […]

The Flexible Work Place

Flexibility has become the norm for many companies. Shifts in technology, a changing market and streamlined workforces are just a few reasons why. Whilst some companies don’t have a formal set of rules for a flexible workplace, there are countless advantages to be gained by taking that flexible attitude on.   The advantages from an […]

Get Your Jurassic Marketing Strategy Up to Date!

Is your marketing strategy a bit old and fossilised? Chances are you’re probably not seeing the value from your email campaigns. Don’t worry though, with a few quick fixes we can bring your strategy out of the Jurassic Period and into the 21st century!   Get your head in gear and go mobile! Evolution is […]

Five Technology Trends that Took the Business World by Storm!

It’s amazing to think that a decade ago mobiles were bricks, the best game you was going to get was snake and taking pictures was a thing dreams were made of. Now look at us with our sleek phones that break a lot easier, multiple games your friends invite you to through Facebook and we’ve […]

To Build or Buy Cloud Computing?

For those contemplating this question with regards to offering backup and DR as a service, be careful when it comes to purchasing and managing your storage. Analogy: Say you’re looking at your options to buy or build your house. To build you would first need to buy a plot of land, working out the plans, […]