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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Schedule

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Schedule

In Spring 2014 Microsoft made several enhancements to the Dynamics 365 customer service management application including setting first and second (Service Level Agreements) SLAs. This new functionalit ...
Get more from your CRM

Can you get more from your CRM?

CRM is a solution that should continuously evolve as your business does, so keeping it in alignment with your processes and your needs is critical.   You started off on your CRM journey may ...
document management facility

Pegasus Document Management Facility

Find your documents quickly and easily with the document management facility in Pegasus Opera 3!   There is no need to go looking through filing cabinets to find one document.   ...
Power Fx

Power Fx: Microsoft’s New Language

This month Microsoft has introduced Power Fx – the new name given to the formula language used within some of the Power applications, specifically the canvas apps.   The newest member of ...
Pegasus Personal Data Search

Pegasus Personal Data Search Utility

Launched in 2018 for GDPR compliance the Personal Data Search Utility is a must-have component for your Opera 3 solution.  GDPR affects every business holding personal data and all businesses should ...
SuperOffice diary

Duplicating SuperOffice Diary Appointments

Here’s a SuperOffice diary trick that you may not know about, which will save time when splitting or duplicating an appointment.   Let’s say you are working on something all morning, bu ...