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At Synergy Technology, all the business applications that we deliver to clients and provide ongoing support for are also used in-house.

Intuitive, easy to use payroll system – Opera Payroll

Synergy Technology’s accountant Dan Nicholson, talks about the ease of using Opera 3 Payroll for processing the monthly payroll for Synergy Technology.

Dan is responsible for the management accounts for the core businesses in the group and all general accounting, as well as processing the monthly payroll for the businesses within the group.

Dan’s busy schedule means that he needs to utilise a system that is intuitive, easy-to-use and quick to process.

“For accountants that have not specifically done Payroll before, the Opera payroll module is quite easy to set up, particularly if the user is semi-IT literate. The functionality is fairly intuitive for Opera users, thus not necessarily requiring previous payroll system experience.”

When using the Opera Payroll system, I find I need very little support from Opera nor do I encounter any issues processing the payroll each month. In fact, I can only imagine that human error when inputting data would be the only reason a payroll process would be held up.

As processing payroll is only a small part of Dan’s busy workload, and is more of a routine monthly process, he relies on using a system that does most of the work for him.


“I can quickly set up a new payroll for processing each month and send it literally in one go. It is realistically only an hour of my time each month for most months. The payroll module is provided with all the compliance material and the module is upgraded every year with any changes implemented by HMRC. It make this just one less thing to I have to worry about, as being compliant is a critical part of being responsible for paying our team!”

Contact Synergy Technology to get started so your new tax year will be ready to go with Opera Payroll.

“The built-in Help topics are really useful too and are always my first place to look if I have any queries. The Context Sensitive Help is comprehensive and easy to use. The terminology and explanations are easy to understand and the search topics actually reflect my questions so I’m not guessing what question or key words I need to search for!”

The payroll process is automatically linked to Real Time Information (RTI) submissions which are submitted directly via a link to the HMRC Gateway. As a new and improved way of reporting, RTI is designed to make PAYE submissions more efficient to deliver to HMRC in real time.

These automatic functions ensure a stress-free process, and while Auto Enrolment is potentially very complex, Opera Payroll ensures that all Pension requirements are implemented successfully.

“I like to manually check each pay submission before I update the bank – but there is the option to export a payroll file with all the team members’ pay information which is more ideal for businesses with a larger number of employees.”

So why move to Opera Payroll?

Many small businesses that run Opera may use a simpler free online payroll software to run their payroll. It might sound like a good deal but “nothing is free” so to speak. “Free” software may not include regular updates to comply with changes implemented by HMRC, is a lot less flexible and may jeopardise the security of your system if it’s not from a reputable source. With Cyber Attacks most frequently penetrating businesses via accounting systems, a robust reliable payroll system is critical.

Outsourcing payroll may seem another cost effective alternative. Traditionally a fairly cheap process to outsource, by eliminating the cost of an internal payroll administrator, outsourcing payroll does still require internal preparation by the account team. And as the Opera Payroll module is so easy to use, it does not require a dedicated payroll administrator. With its familiar Opera functions it can be quite easily carried out as part of the other regular accounting functions, even for a very busy accountant like me!

Opera Payroll is available as a stand alone application or integrates with the other applications available for Opera; linking seamlessly to Personnel and P11D Organiser. Contact Synergy Technology for further information on 0345 456 0050.

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