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The Printed Cup Company

Solution: SuperOffice

Project Overview

Before using SuperOffice CRM to manage their customer data, The Printed Cup Company was a family-run business with three salespeople and a turnover of approximately £100,000.

100%+ increased efficiency and 2,100% business growth within eight years

The Problem

Before using SuperOffice CRM to manage their customer data, The Printed Cup Company was a family-run business with three salespeople and a turnover of approximately £100,000.

It had filing cabinets full of hundreds of customer records, including hard copies of paper cup artwork. All numerical information was in spreadsheets, which caused inherent difficulties concerning duplication, update synchronisation and the simple fact that only one user could work on a spreadsheet at a time.

The company looked for a CRM system that would help drive a leap in growth, while changing as necessary in line with the company’s requirements.

The Paper Cup Company designs and manufactures paper cups for organisations throughout Europe and the USA. Within eight years, it’s grown from a home-based SME into a multi-million- pound international operation, with purpose-built premises.

The Solution

Integration of customer database with accounts package.
Synergy Technology, a highly reputable business solutions company with deep expertise in CRM, recommended SuperOffice, which was short-listed for consideration alongside two mainstream competitors.


“We chose SuperOffice because it looked like a superior option, and Synergy Technology came with a real understanding of our company, rather than just a sales pitch. They understood that we needed a partnership to meet our growth plans.”

SuperOffice has a high degree of inbuilt flexibility, so Synergy Technology could freely configure its interfaces and functionality to precisely fit their unique set of requirements. This included integrating it with Sage, and having the ability to process multiple currencies without reverting to a manual or alternative system, or to separate information.

The Results

Customer Benefits at a Glance:

– Delivered a rapid return on investment

– Achieved more than 100% improvement in efficiency

– Developed with the company as it grew from a revenue of £100,000 to £2,100,000

– Scaled with company head-count

– Enabled the company to ramp up its customer base from hundreds to 35,000

– Centrally accommodated international growth and tax regimes

– Enabled a new, paperless graphic design service which reduced minimum artwork approval lead times from days to minutes

– Reduced the cost of introducing a warehouse system by 50%

– Allowed Director to apply most system alterations without assistance.

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“I don’t know how we’d operate without SuperOffice. It records everything – the time saving is massive.

“Our customer files used to be contained within two filing cabinets. Now we have around 35,000 customers, we wouldn’t be able to operate if we still used folders. Can you imagine how long it would take to retrieve a customer file if we didn’t use SuperOffice? The Printed Cup Company.

“Now that we are in New York State and our customers span all of Northern Europe, centrally storing and processing information is even more business-critical,”

The Printed Cup Company uses SuperOffice for everything from labelling artwork and storing it while going through approval processes, to one-off projects, which have included a company rebrand.

“Its open architecture meant that the prospect of introducing a computerised warehousing system fell from a cost of £20,000 to £10,000. Introducing SuperOffice has paid for itself over and over again.”

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