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Dynamics 365 Customer Service Connects with Facebook Messenger

Since mid-December, the customer service teams at Microsoft Dynamics 365 have gained the ability to connect with customers using Facebook Messenger. With an estimated 44.86 million Facebook users in the United Kingdom, many of Dynamics 365 customers will find Facebook messenger highly beneficial as a platform to connect to the software’s customer service team.

There are various advantages that come with the new Facebook Messenger approach to customer service.

Benefits of Facebook Messenger Customer Service

Unlike live chat, Facebook Messenger enables customers to send your business a message, close the conversation and then return to it at a later point that is convenient to them, like a text message conversation. This asynchronous conversation provides customers with the flexibility to ask questions and respond to answers whenever and wherever they are.

Furthermore, customers have the ability to initiate a new conversation in the same chat at a later date if ever required, which is useful if said customer needs to refer back to a previous issue, in which both the customer and Dynamics 365 customer service agent can see the previous encounter. For both desktop and mobile users, Facebook Messenger also helps to provide convenience for customers providing them with the ability to continue a conversation on the Messenger app on their phone, even if they originally started on their desktop.

All the above helps to create a personalized, seamless support experience for customers of Dynamics 365, as well as providing companies opportunities to engage with their customers on a one-to-one basis, where and when the customer wants.

Not only do the customers benefit from this form of customer service, but also the organisations. With Facebook Messenger, agents in companies like Synergy Technology will experience the same, unified and productive interface to engage with customers and resolve issues. From this, supervisors and managers can access rich reports to identify opportunities to increase efficiencies and effectiveness. This way, organisations can continuously find ways to improve their customer service for their team and their customers to create a pleasant experience.

From agent productivity tools to AI-enabled apps, the introduction of Facebook Messenger customer service with Dynamics 365 further expands support for omnichannel capabilities, helping to drive more innovation and resources into your company’s customer service, along with consistently allowing you to exceed your customer expectations.

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