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How to Generate Personal Data Reports in SuperOffice

It’s super easy to generate your personal data report in SuperOffice! If one of your contacts requests to see any personal data registered to their profile, simply use the integrated report export tool to get the information as quickly as possible.

Your new report will contain all the data registered to that specific contact. This includes:

  • Contact information
  • Interests
  • Subscriptions
  • Consent information
  • Registered activities
  • Communications

The “communications” section of the report will also include any information on follow-ups, document, requests and mailings.

Generating Personal Data Reports

Creating personal data reports in SuperOffice couldn’t be easier.

To generate a new personal data report, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your SuperOffice system.
  2. Navigate to the required contact in the Contact
  3. In Windows: Click Contact on the file menu, then select Generate Personal Data Report.
  4. On Web: Click Task then Generate Personal Data Report.
  5. In the Privacy Report dialog, you may view the information registered to that contact.
  6. Send the report either as an email attachment or save the report as a PDF.

Any reports you generate are automatically archived in the Activities area.

With SuperOffice, it’s simple to manage your contacts’ data and information. For more information on handling personal data within your systems, please contact Synergy Technology. Call us on 0345 456 0050 or email us at today!