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How to Leverage a CRM to Up the Sales Pace

To say COVID has had an impact on businesses would be an understatement. Not just small business but large, global corporations have also been badly hit by the global pandemic. In many cases, there might have been no escape but there will be a number of businesses who, had they adapted better to working life in this modern, COVID world, perhaps would have fared better.

One thing that can help you and your business to work smarter and faster in this ever-changing world that we find ourselves in, is a CRM.

If you’re a business owner or a sales manager, the thought of people working from home might terrify you. You can’t keep an eye on how projects are progressing, and you can’t physically see your staff working.

Accountability when it comes to working from home is key, as is staff morale. A CRM can help when it comes to both of these things and if you use a CRM to its full potential, it will also help you to keep on top of managing your remote team, keep things streamlined and provide a central hub for all your staff.

Unlock the potential that having a remote workforce can bring by utilising a CRM. A recent report from showed that 85% of businesses say that flexible working has resulted in improved productivity, 77% also said that allowing staff to work remotely lead to lower operating costs.

A CRM could open the door to you hiring the best staff possible because the reduced need to commute to an office means you can cast your net wider in terms of areas that you’re looking to hire staff from.

If you would like to learn more about how a CRM can help you to up the pace of sales, hold staff to account and keep an eye on morale, get in touch with Gaynor Ollier here at Synergy Technology today and book your free, no-obligation demo of our CRM. You can call her on – 0345 456 0050.