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eSignatures a customer engagement solution.


Using electronic signatures (eSignature solutions) for your sales processes can reduce it by up to 400%!

It’s simple, fast, and secure and makes signing any kind of document easy for everyone involved. And better still, it’s not just for sales.  Your entire business can enjoy the benefits of eSignature solution software for internal and external signatures.   

Video presentation and live chat facility    

Custom workflows and reminders   

Multi-recipient approval and verification supported   

Real time notifications and detailed tracking 

Get an approval in minutes 

GDPR compliant  

Legally binding



eSignature Software for Sales Teams

Have you ever sent out a proposal and waited and waited…? Not only did you spend a good amount of time creating that proposal, but you thought it was a done deal.  And did you get any feedback or a second chance to change any part of the proposal?  If you did get a signed proposal, where do you store it?  How do you scan it and how can you find it? 


Using this eSignature solution for your sales team will provide control from the initial presentation to signing off the contract.  And better still it can make your sales cycle 8 times faster and you could enjoy a 41% higher sales conversion rate using this software.

It’s more than just traditional eSignatures…


With this solution, you can

  • Prepare a sales presentation video to ensure that your proposal stands out on delivery, as well as taking the opportunity to build trust and create engagement
  • See when the proposal has been viewed and track in real-time
  • See if the prospect has reviewed all pages or some pages
  • You can set recipients as approvers, influencers, or reviewers
  • See where the prospect spent the most time, on what page or section of the proposal
  • There is a unique deal accelerator to automatically help push your proposal through the sales funnel by sending reminders
  • It can activate marketing campaigns that engage all decisions makers and influencers alike
  • It’s fully GDPR compliant and legally binding using ESIGN, UETA, and eIDAS
  • And all are stored in a central place to save your business time tracking down important documents


What are you waiting for!  It’s time to leave scanners, email chains and traditional eSigning software in the past and set yourself ahead of your competitors.




Sales Enablement

Stand out from the crowd using video and live chat to create a personal touch when presenting proposals or agreements.

Contract Management

Organise contracts using customised folders and securely manage your contract archive.


Real time notifications and alerts so you know when your document was opened, viewed, commented on, forwarded or signed, and know how long each page was read for.

Management of Workflows

Streamline internal and external signatures using multi-recipient approval, contract reminders and reports and create custom workflows for each document.




The Synergy Technology team is proud to be an official partner of GetAccept and to offer its legally binding eSignature solution throughout the United Kingdom.


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