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Level up your SuperOffice CRM marketing with integration to Force24

Build better relationships with your customers and find new ways to market to them with Force24 for your customer relationship management (CRM) software.  Connect to Force24: the UK’s fastest growing marketing automation solution with SuperOffice.

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    CRM Marketing Made Easy

    Synergy Technology has partnered with Force24 to provide seamless integration from SuperOffice to the UK’s fastest growing marketing automation tool. This simple-to-use, drag-and-drop platform makes marketing easy, designed for marketers but ready to use by anyone!

    Force24 is the UK’s only home-grown marketing automation platform, designed and curated for ease of creating, implementing, and reporting marketing campaigns. Optimised to integrate with SuperOffice and monitor your website activity, Force24 enables your business to generate meaningful leads that convert faster.

    Key Features of Force24

    • Drag-and-drop email design studio
    • Intuitive and customisable microsite builder
    • SMS marketing design suite
    • Basic and dynamic data capture form creator
    • Access to automation journey builder for campaigns
    • Tracking of web activity of identifiable contacts
    • In-depth reporting and analysis from communications
    • Automatic customer lead scoring for hot and cold prospects
    • Compatible with SuperOffice CRM
    • Data capture and collection linked back to SuperOffice

    Force24 Integration with SuperOffice CRM

    As one of the leading SuperOffice partners in the UK, Synergy Technology has developed a ready to deploy integration to your SuperOffice CRM with Force24 to help transform your marketing activities. Your business can directly benefit by saving time and money from a results-driven automation tool, designed to bring all your marketing into one place and keep all data up to date and correct.

    Force24 Data Link from CRM Software


    Link your customer, prospects, and partner data from SuperOffice CRM to Force24.

    Force24 Analytics Reports from Marketing Campaigns


    Gain insights about your audience to discover patterns as they move through your website.

    Force24 Automation of Marketing Campaigns


    Setup automated responses based on triggers from your marketing campaigns.

    Force24 Marketing Campaign Segments


    Arrange your contact data with segments and lists for ease of marketing campaigns.

    Force24 Email Editor for Audience Personalisation


    Create marketing content based on customer engagement and areas of interest.

    Customer Contact Information in Force24


    Evaluate customer journeys to turn actions into leads for your business.

    Force24 for Sales Teams

    SuperOffice CRM integration with Force24 empowers your business to stand out from the crowd, whilst keeping up with the growth and advancements of modern technology.

    Force24 allows your business to connect with your audience through targeted campaigns that are personalised, focused, and relevant, with automated responses to meet the demand of your customers.

    This intuitive system requires minimal training and setup, along with in-depth marketing campaign reporting so that your business know what methods of communication is most successful for your audience.

    Keep your marketing costs down and lead conversions up with marketing automation from Force24.  If you want to send great looking marketing emails using your own record card data in SuperOffice and track all related reporting directly back to the record card where your sales team can see all relevant marketing data, then our integration for SuperOffice and Force 24 is for you.

    We are here to help

    Synergy Technology is proud to be partnered with Force24, providing a practical and powerful marketing automation tool, which can simply integrate with your SuperOffice software. Build, nurture and grow your audience with personalised and sophisticated marketing campaigns that can save up to 8 hours a week for your in-house team.

    If you would like to book a demo and discuss the features and benefits of Force24 further, then get in touch with Synergy Technology.

    Call us today on 0345 456 0050 to start your marketing automation journey.

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    “Synergy Technology, with Force24, can help your business take your marketing and lead generation to the next level”.