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10 Tips for Effective Time Management with SuperOffice CRM

Implementing effective time management can be a difficult task for companies to accomplish, but it is vital for improving productivity to work-life balance, avoiding burnouts, building good habits, as well as setting long-term achievable goals.

It may sometimes appear that there are not enough hours in the day and not enough days in the week, hence the importance of time management. However, when you learn to manage the time you have, you soon find that tasks are accomplished much faster.

To help you achieve your goals, follow these 10 tips produced by the Synergy Technology team to help you better manage your time through the use of SuperOffice CRM.


  1. Use Calendars

The use of calendars is handy for all teams, but especially those with people who work virtually or overseas. By using calendars, you can see team members availability, which is vital when booking meetings to avoid the mistake of booking a meeting on a day when the necessary people are on annual or sick leave.

With SuperOffice CRM, if everyone is busy, then the system will automatically give you an alternative date when all are available. You can sync your calendars to your Microsoft Outlook, Exchange or Google Calendar, as well as sharing appointments and tasks with others not using SuperOffice.

  1. Multitasking is a Myth

It can be difficult to juggle tasks on a day-to-day basis outside of work, so why would you juggle them whilst working? It is important to stick to one task at a time for the best results and to keep focus.

By turning off alerts and reminders to get a task done, it will make it much easier for you to stop multitasking and get more work completed. You can choose in SuperOffice CRM whether you want your alerts/reminders to be active or silent to help you remain focused on one task at a time.

  1. Use historical data (analytical dashboards)

Through SuperOffice CRM, you can make use of analytical dashboards to view information which is easily understandable at a glance. This the dashboards, you can have access to real-time and historical data to help provide you with answers to critical business questions.

By having access to customer data instantly, you can make smarter and faster business decisions which will ensure that your productivity goals are met within a realistic time goal.

  1. Work together with your team

By working as a team, you can help to make decisions and resolve issues at a much faster rate, which will also benefit team productivity. It is often better to put several heads together and use the collective knowledge of the team to help deal with sticky scheduling and time management problems.

With SuperOffice CRM, you can store, share and collaborate on documents effortlessly. SuperOffice is integrated with Microsoft Office 365, G Suite and major email applications such as Exchange, Outlook, Notes, Gmail and all IMAP based email servers. This integration is a vital part of companies working together as a team and sharing relevant information between teams.

  1. Stay Connected (Pocket CRM)

Staying connected to customer information is necessary for many of our SuperOffice users. With the Pocket CRM app, which is compatible with mobile phones and tablets, lets you easily access all your important customer information anywhere anytime.

If you have left the office for a meeting with a client but you have forgotten necessary CRM data, then you can easily access the data on the Pocket CRM, rather than having to go back to the office to retrieve the data, saving time and being punctual to all meetings.

  1. Keep all your customers in one place

Having all your customer information saved in one place is an efficient use of your time and will help to increase your productivity. With SuperOffice CRM, the contact management feature provides you with all the information you require, but it doesn’t just store customer contact details. Through this feature, you can store emails, phone calls, documents and meeting notes for each client, in which everyone in your company can access this important customer information in one click.

By having all the data in one place for each customer, you can effectively plan strategies and organise tasks based on documents a customer has sent over or notes from a previous meeting, as well as scheduling in a meeting as requested by the customer. This will save you having to spend copious amounts of time searching for the required information in past emails or notes.

  1. Create a to-do list

You will save yourself time by storing all your tasks in one place, rather than having multiple lists, sticky notes, and reminders set to tell you when a task is due. You can prioritise your time a lot easier when you have only one place to look for the work you need to do.

With SuperOffice CRM, you can assign yourself tasks to complete, in which you have the choice to set deadlines and notifications if you believe to be necessary.

  1. Use templates

Another way to save yourself time at work is through templates. You can use pre-designed templates to maintain consistency in appearance for all correspondences. With SuperOffice, pre-designed templates are available in Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work, which saves you time as all you need to do is add the relevant information to an email or letter.

Pre-written letters or proposal templates can be easily and automictically updated with a selected customer’s address, contact person and date through the contact management feature.

  1. Make use of filters

A great way of valuable time-saving with SuperOffice CRM is making use of the filters feature. The filter feature allows for a neat, uncluttered and simplified search process, which can be carried out to find clients of a specific industry or demographics or finding a specific contact person within a company profile. Using filters helps to make your searches far more productive and essentially saves you times as you no longer must scroll through hundreds of files or contacts or data to find the necessary information.

  1. Utilise mailing systems

You can easily stay in touch with your customers on your contact management system using a simplified mailing tool, included with SuperOffice CRM. This can help save you time by eliminating creating an email from scratch every time using templates from previous emails and adjusting these to match the email necessary this time. This can be useful when you require the same customised design but with different content based on the customers which the emails are being sent to.

You can easily stay in contact with current customers, potential customs and other stakeholders – making everyone feel valued and updated at any time, whilst also ensuring that you save time and effort.

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