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6 Point Action Plan for your Data in a No-Deal Brexit

The fate of Brexit is upon us, in which the possibility of a no-deal Brexit is still on the table.

On today’s Government webinar, Rachael Howard of Synergy Technology took note of a 6-point action plan all businesses should take now in case of a no-deal Brexit.

  1. Go to and sign up for alerts to get personalized guidance
  2. If you employ EU citizens, you need to signpost them to the EU Settlement Scheme
  3. You need to check your requirements to operate in the EU/EEA countries
  4. Check that the professional qualifications are recognized in the EU/EEA country you plan to work in
  5. You NEED to act now with regard to any personal data. Follow through to find out more about what you need know:
  6. Prepare for new customs and VAT procedures when trading outside of the EU and ensure you have the correct software to facilitate this

On, a wealth of information is available to help you understand Brexit and what to do with your data at the end of the month.

No-deal Brexit help from Synergy Technology.