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Don’t Ruin Your Reputation with Technology Blunders

It is fair to say that most, if not all, businesses would fail to operate without technology. It is utilised in every industry sector across every facet of operation. If it is not used properly however, it can have a very negative impact on your business.

Customers today are very demanding of organisations. We will soon be faced with a generation that know nothing other than technology and those businesses that are not using up-to-date, fast and reliable technology are at serious risk.

A technology blunder can have a devastating impact on your business. Take for example online banking. If for whatever reason the banks website was down for a considerable amount of time and customers were unable to access the features that they are accustomed to using, a lot of damage can be done very quickly. A recent survey by Delphix found that online banking is the most scrutinised industry with half of the respondents stating that a technical blunder would be unacceptable.

Customer expectations are high. They don’t want to see that you have ‘encountered a problem’ – they want a fast and reliable service and their patience will quickly wear thin. Disgruntled customers love to tell others about how disgruntled they are and are very quick to voice their opinions via any avenue possible. In today’s social media age it is usually through Facebook and Twitter where they can direct the comments at the service provider for the world to see.
If this happens frequently, you run the serious risk of alienating customers. The survey found that 70% of respondents would avoid a company that regularly suffered with technology issues, like website or app glitches. This clearly demonstrates that reliability is the key to customer loyalty. By offering a consistent service, backed up by well-working technology, you are less likely to see customers slowly slip away to competitors.

The findings highlight the highly-critical nature of consumers today. Customers want the latest and greatest from companies and suppliers that they interact with and they want it now.

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