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How Can eMarketeer with SuperOffice Integration Benefit Your Company?

Through eMarketeer, small and large businesses have been able to grow their marketing efforts and create more engaging content, helping them to have an in-depth understanding of their customers.

eMarketeer is a multi-purpose platform in which you can manage all your marketing tasks with one tool, enabling your company to control multiple channels. The best part is that you can easily integrate your SuperOffice CRM with eMarketeer!

Here are 6 ways in which eMarketeer can help to benefit your company.

  1. Email Marketing

Your company can create powerful and meaningful newsletters and email campaigns with email marketing from eMarketeer. The software comes equipped with plenty of responsive templates, which work smoothly with both web browsers, tablets and mobile devices. Each template is customisable so that your company can personalise emails to specific customer bases.

  1. Event Management

eMarketeer allows for you to create, schedule, automate and execute your entire event process, which follows from pre-event communications all the way through to post-event follow ups. By using emails and smart forms, you can help to create awareness and easily register participants to your event.

Another great feature is that you can set automated reminders to let eMarketeer keep track of your invitees and people who have not registered for your event yet to send automated reminders, as well as informing your sales team in real-time about which customers are attending.

  1. Web Surveys

Web surveys are a fantastic way to find out more about your customers and their opinions & thoughts on matters. Through eMarketeer, you can create quick evaluation questionnaires and full-scale multi-page surveys.

Just like the email marketing feature, there are survey templates to help save your company time and effort, as well as an intuitive learning curve, so no developer skills are needed. Finally, with a huge set of question types, you can strike the perfect balance between respondent experience and data quality.

  1. Website Monitor

The website monitor feature offers advanced data on visitors to your website and what pages they spend their time on but shown in a simple way to make it easier for everyone at your company to understand.

This part of eMarketeer can help your company to create targeted campaigns based on your visitor’s behaviour, as well as providing an in-depth insight of leads on your website to your sales team better understand your leads interests.

  1. Facebook Marketing

Your company can effortlessly create custom Facebook pages using the page editor feature in eMarketeer. You can choose between templates ready for Facebook and then customise these to meet your company’s needs, brand and style. You can also add media into the pages, such as videos, audios and slideshows to make the Facebook pages more engaging.

But it doesn’t just stop there, you can also build Facebook posts and set trigger points that search for pre-defined actions and engage when rules are met, initiating a chain of events across all your channels.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Linked closely to email marketing, you can create responsive and stunning emails that are compatible with mobile devices, which widens your audience reach. But your company can also include text messaging and mobile apps into your marketing mix.

You can create personalised text messages to your customers and leads to boost communication, as well as easily creating and distributing your own mobile apps. Such apps include event apps and customer services apps. The best part is that there is no coding required during the app development stage.


Through the integration of SuperOffice with eMarketeer, you can gain qualified leads from both your web and marketing activities, which are delivered automatically to your CRM. Your sales team can receive real-time leads

To summarise, the integration of eMarketeer with your SuperOffice can help your company’s sale team to gain qualified, real-time leads from your web and marketing activities, delivered automatically to your CRM.

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