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Remote Working: Can you make it a success?

The concept of ‘remote working’ is becoming increasingly popular. Most organisations are embracing the trend and allowing their staff to adopt a more flexible approach to working – whether it is from home, satellite offices or on the go. It is estimated that there are over 300 million remote workers worldwide.

In recent years, more companies have stepped away from the traditional 9-5 and now allow their staff to work remotely. It is no surprise as numerous studies have shown that this has a positive impact on staff morale, can lead to greater staff retention and most that have taken up remote working practices claim to have a more positive work-life balance as a result.

New advancements in technology have made a significant impact on this trend. Arguably, without technology it wouldn’t be possible.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) is just one of the services that make it possible. DaaS is a cloud based service which allows users to virtually access all of their data and applications, from anywhere with an internet connection, just as easily as if they were sat at their desk in the office. DaaS means that you can access critical information quickly and easily – whether it is your emails, information about your customers stored in your CRM or an important document that you need to work on. All of this is possible whether you’re sat on a bus or sat on the beach.

So why isn’t everybody doing this? Some organisations are reluctant to adopt new technologies and roll out the policies necessary to make it work.

It doesn’t need to be complicated. DaaS is quick to implement and can be scaled to suit the needs of your organisation. You could roll it out across a few key members of the team that need access to mission critical data on the go, or you could roll it out across your whole organisation so that everyone has the option to work from home if need be. It also provides your organisation with the opportunity of offering 24/7 customer service to your customers.

It also has a host of over benefits. By moving to the cloud and implementing a virtual desktop, your business can function even if the worst should happen.

Picture this. You turn up to work and the office is flooded or there has been a fire and all of the hardware has been destroyed. What do you do? If you aren’t backing up your data to somewhere other than your business premises, there would be very little that you could do to recover from a disaster without serious disruption to your business.
By taking the leap and transitioning to the cloud, all of your data and applications are backed up. If you were without an office to work in, you could simply move your operation to a temporary office, login into your virtual desktop and you are up and running business as usual.

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