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Why is business continuity so important to SMEs

BusinessTALK spoke to John Robinson, Managing Director of Inoni about the importance of Business Continuity Planning.

Inoni offers business continuity planning for organisations of every shape and size. Since 2005, Inoni has helped clients develop their capability across a wide range of sectors and industries and are therefore well-placed to confidently share and apply their experience with small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

“You need to appoint the most suitable members for each task – the movers, the doers and the thinkers all have a different role to play”

In this interview John covers some of the popular questions and answers based on why an SME should prepare a Business Continuity Plan including;

  • What makes a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) so important for an SME?
  • What are the five main reasons an SME needs BCP?
  • What areas of the business should the planning process involve?
  • So where does an SME start with a plan?
  • What risks need a continuity plan?
  • Why should the rest of the business be interested?
  • Why do you think SMEs are complacent and do not address this?
  • Where do most SMEs fail with their plans?


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With thanks to John Robinson, FBCI, Managing Director, Inoni.