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Why your business needs Cloud Hosting from Citadel

With cloud hosting, businesses can rely on a unique, virtual server configuration which can let them tap into multiple different servers, rather than relying solely on one server.

Over the years, more and more businesses have adapted to the idea of storing computing and storage resources to a cloud provider, in which the use of cloud computing has increase particularly popular with 85% of enterprises keeping sensitive data in the Cloud.

Cloud hosting from Citadel comes with an abundance of benefits for businesses, which include:  

  1. Increase in space in your premises
  2. Flexible pricing structure
  3. Remove maintenance costs
  4. Streamline your operations
  5. Improve data security
  6. Gain flexibility and freedom
  7. Simplify management
  8. Ability to expand whenever
  9. High uptime and availability
  10. Very easy to scale server resources

Furthermore, Citadel can host all your Line of Business Applications and it is far cheaper than buying a new server! Implementing Citadel Cloud Hosting to your business removes the need for a local Microsoft Exchange mail server, any Microsoft Office licenses and server management – this can all be provided and managed by Citadel on your behalf.

If you want to see how Citadel can help your business in under 2 minutes, view our video below:

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