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The Benefits of Cloud Hosting

The use of applications, including accounting, ERP and CRM software, is a key consideration for any modern SME business.

Synergy Technology can grant you access to applications such as SuperOffice CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and Pegasus Opera. Our sister company, Citadel Technology, now offers the perfect solution to the challenge of hosting these systems locally: cloud hosting.

Key Business Applications

From helping you to manage your clients and customers, to stock levels, sales figures, accounts and more, business applications can prove of enormous benefit to any organisation.

However, reliance on software such as this requires a hosting solution. If you choose to host your data locally, a number of considerable challenges soon appear:

  • Interior space required for servers
  • Constant updates and upgrades
  • Data security concerns
  • Mounting electricity costs
  • Heating and cooling considerations
  • The requirement of in-house expertise
  • Danger of costly downtime and data loss

The monetary and time cost of maintaining servers internally is enough to give anyone a headache. Instead, why not let Synergy Technology organise next-gen cloud hosting for your business?

Cloud Hosting – The Perfect Solution

The “cloud” sounds complicated, but it’s actually extremely simple: rather than organising in-house hosting, your software database is stored in an off-site data centre and accessed over the web.

The advantages of cloud hosting are numerous:

  • Enjoy greater flexibility
  • Free up your employees’ time
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Prevent business-damaging downtime
  • Enjoy improved data security
  • Scale your business as required
  • Data stored in the latest data centres

For more information about cloud hosting and how it could be the perfect solution for your organisation, please visit our dedicated web page.

Access your Business Applications from Anywhere

In addition to cloud hosting, if your business utilises applications such as SuperOffice CRM and you wish to access your software from anywhere, Synergy and Citadel can help.

Our experts are experienced in providing businesses with a digital workspace, enabling you to use your applications from anywhere, on any internet-enabled device.

Make no mistake; we are not talking about a second-rate VPN solution or a remote desktop that is liable to drop out at any moment. Rather, we only offer a premium workspace solution that is at once supremely reliable and stable.

If you are interested in Citadel’s hosted applications service, please visit the company website today.

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