Application Support

Hosted Applications from Citadel

The use of applications is key for any SME business, which includes accounts packages, ERP and CRM software. From Synergy Technology, you can gain access to all these applications, such as SuperOffice CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Pegasus Opera. In conjunction with our sister company, Citadel Technology, we can help you choose a hosted solution for all your applications, so you can enjoy the benefits of hosting locally.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

Synergy Technology and Citadel are a part of the same group, in which we work together and not as two separate entities, meaning your business can highly benefit from a combination of our two services. With hosted applications, you can easily:

  • Access applications from anywhere
  • Ensure enhanced security
  • Free up IT employees’ time
  • Prevent costly downtime
  • Scale coverage as your business grows
  • Enjoy greater flexibility

Moreover, with a hosted application, you can protect your business-critical software from server hardware issues, such as hacking, hardware failure or a system overload, ensure you experience zero downtime. 

The powerful and easy to use platform offers you access to your key line-of-business software from anywhere with a secure internet connection. This has assisted with improving customer’s productivity levels and usability, as it can prove vital when working out of the office, such as making last-minute changes before a meeting or when working from home or aboard.

Through the workspace provided by Citadel, you can access your software applications effortlessly through your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop devices. Citadel even goes one step further with the simple server management dashboard, in which you can keep track of your hosting and scale it on demand.

Also, if you were looking to decrease your overall environmental impact, then cloud hosting would be the way! Cloud hosting utilises fewer overall datacenters and only uses the server resources you require at each given moment.

To learn more or to get your project started, visit the Citadel Technology website for more to learn about cloud hosting for your applications.

Are you new to Synergy Technology and unsure as to which application would be suitable for your business needs? Don’t worry – we can assist and provide you with a bespoke solution as to which software you require. Either send your enquiry through on our website or give us a call on 0345 456 0050 today!

Hosted Application services from Citadel for Synergy Technology customers.