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Get Your Jurassic Marketing Strategy Up to Date!

Is your marketing strategy a bit old and fossilised? Chances are you’re probably not seeing the value from your email campaigns. Don’t worry though, with a few quick fixes we can bring your strategy out of the Jurassic Period and into the 21st century!


  1. Get your head in gear and go mobile!

Evolution is an important part of progression, I mean even raptors learned how to open doors. Even if we aren’t evolving at the same speed as the technology we create, that doesn’t mean we can dismiss it as it is here to stay. In today’s dual-screen, fast paced world, evolving your email marketing strategy to cater for mobile is a change everyone should be making.

Did you know 65% are now accessed by mobile devices? It’s only going to continue to grow, as it grows if your emails aren’t accessible to them they aren’t going to get read, no one’s going to readjust an email if it’s not personal and most people delete them straight away if it’s not optimised for view.

It’s not all about being mobile friendly you know; it’s also about giving messages a fully responsive design – one that adapts with its environment, changes its display of content dependent of screen size. While you’re on this whole optimisation kick, it might be worth checking out your websites responsiveness too. Google loves an optimised website like you love your emails getting read.

  1. This is not the time to be anti-social!

Statistics don’t lie. Brands need a presence on social media. We live in a world where everyone has a comment they want to share and being able to interact with the brand they want to comment on is instant and free publicity. Email Marketing and social media work hand-in-hand and give each other the boot they need.

Clearly display those social media icons to display that brand you’ve been working so hard to set up. This easily converts your readers into action-takers by telling them to share your email on social media. A great sneaky tactic to boost your campaigns click through rate.

In fact you could be really sneaky and take it one step further by including a hashtag in your message to encourage conversation; you might even include different hashtags for different topics in the email. Tracking these hashtags and other social interactions allows you to identify those consumers of yours and then making it easier for you to adjust your content to being more relevant and it’ll help you optimise your future campaigns.

Go one step further by including a hashtag within your message to encourage.

  1. Clickable Content.

Email campaigns these days are all about engaging and rewarding your audience. Every message needs some clickable content preferably in the form of a call to action button. It could be as simple a line as “Read More”, encouraging them to enter a competition or offering discount. I you can get a call to action across simply and clearly, you’ll be more likely to get a response from your new age audience.

  1. Up to date data

32% of organisations believe their consumer data is as outdated as your Marketing Strategy. If you consistently send email campaigns to outdated lists, then you and your campaign may risk extinction. Be sure to keep your subscriber list current, segmented and engaged.

  1. Know your audience.

The last thing you want to do is mix up your dinosaurs. Always organise your database according to your customer’s needs, wants and likes and your targeting will be spot on. Failure to do this means your campaigns will be trapped in the inboxes of the wrong reader.

A short scientific look at your email analytics will help you understand how to target your content based on demographics and psychographic information. It’s also good to remember your customers are human, not dinosaurs, and prefer to be spoken to as such. Personalised analytics will help you target customers with the relevant content rather than just changing their name at the top of the page.


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