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Top 10 Features of Microsoft Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an integrated enterprise resource planning (ERP) tool with an entry point element of customer relationship management, which enables the important business processes to be managed through one application.  It revolutionises the daily running of a business by streamlining and automating procedures.

An estimated 400,000+ businesses are using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central see the top features they have at access to below:


1. Cloud-based or On-Premise


You can decide whether to use the application over the cloud or on company hardware, hence the application’s location can be decided to suit the business. Both are beneficial depending on the organisation’s situation e.g., the cloud-based tool means that if the data needs to be accessed by external partners, they can easily do so yet if you choose the on-premise option it gives you more control.


2. Customisable Role Centres


The role centre is the landing page of the tool which can show the most important aspects of the business. Business Central allows you to pick and choose these elements for each employee. A sales executive may have key performance indicators (KPIs) and main leads, whilst an accountant may have a calendar of outgoings and incomings. Therefore, they don’t have to search through everything for something which is relevant to them – increasing productivity, efficiency and morale.


3. Built-in AI


Business Central has a built-in algorithm that aims to make monotonous tasks easier for you. It can; track stock and inventory, predict changes to cashflow, forecast sales and so on. The information the AI provides is of high value to everyone in an organisation and can help make important decisions.


4. Search Bar and Filters


The search bar enables you to find the desired screen without having to manually navigate to them through multiple steps. This feature is further enhanced by having the ability to filter the search results to be more coherent with the search term. These can be saved for future use and reference. Hence, allowing you to get the information at your convenience, meaning that you can apply your focus where it is needed most!


5. Contact Insights


Business Central’s Contact Insights feature eases the process of customer relationship management (CRM). It allows you to log previous customer interactions, customer longevity and other important aspects. Any team member can access this information; they can progress new and existing relationships based on it and follow up on request quickly. Therefore, a high level of customer service and brand reputation can be grown and maintained. For example, a customer of another employee may request another copy of a quote. The user will be able to look at the customer’s previous quotes which can be replicated quickly without fear of upsetting any stakeholder.


6. Integration of Other Applications


Other Microsoft applications (Excel, Outlook, Power BI) can be integrated within Business Central. This makes it easier to transfer and export data – e.g., contact details and financial information, from one application to another. Thus, saving valuable time and effort which leads to increased productivity, efficiency and morale.


7. Multi-tasking


Business Central also enables you and your staff to multi-task within the application. Multiple windows can be opened to view more than one piece of information at one time, instead of flipping between the windows separately. You have complete control over how these are viewed. Therefore, data comparison and other tasks are made significantly easier and quicker.


8. Levels of Authorisation


You can assign different roles and permissions to each employee based on their responsibilities and requirements. These limit what they can do and access – they range from users to admin. It allows the employee to easily find and focus on their targeted area of work quickly without getting distracted by other information. Thus, increasing their efficiency and productivity.


9. Reports & Analytics


Business Central gives you the ability to combine all of your business data into one system. It generates clear visual reports from live data to give reliable, accurate and up-to-date findings. These can be used to make well informed business decisions and increase the performance of your business.


10. Mobile Accessibility


In previous versions of Business Central, the mobility feature was not fully functioning. However, in the first 2020 wave of updates Microsoft enhanced this element so users could access information on any compatible device, anywhere. Therefore, if needed you can access information without having to be at a computer. For example, if an important stakeholder requests a piece of data, their needs can be accommodated quickly and efficiently.


The previously discussed features are only a select few of what Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has to offer. There are many more which further strengthen the application as a valuable asset to have within your company. All features play an integral part in allowing the software to help businesses perform their crucial functions – such as financial management, order processing, sales and marketing, warehouse management, project management, and manufacturing.


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables profitability and performance to be increased, giving your businesses the edge over your competitors.


If you are new to or currently using Business Central, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We can help you use the software in the most advantageous way by establishing a tailored service to your requirements.


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