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Turn Data into Valuable Insight with Jet Analytics

If everyone within your organisation isn’t pulling data from the same place, your business decisions will be about as good as just flipping a coin and calling heads or tails and letting that dictate your decision making. In short, it could have costly consequences.

With Jet Analytics you can access the right data without technical expertise and fast. This suite is designed specifically for business users and enables them to easily build visually stunning reports and detailed dashboards in Excel or Microsoft Power BI. While enabling you to access your dashboards on the web or from a mobile device, you can also quickly identify trends, spot anomalies and fix problems wherever you are.

In short, Jet Analytics enables you to turn data into valuable insight.

Reliable, Accurate Data

Establishing a system of record that includes historical data and multiple data sources guarantees that everyone is using the same information and ‘truth’ to run their reports. Having the same, uniform, reliable data that is accessible to everyone within your organisation means that it can be relied upon by everyone when it comes to helping drive revenue.

Having complete data warehouse automation, the ability to create unlimited users and a BI customisation platform that is five times faster than manual coding, the cost of ownership of Jet Analytics is low.

Jet Analytics integrates with different Microsoft and Epicor software so whatever it is you need from the software, speak to your account manager, Dan, about arranging a demo today and discover just how easily you can maximise your ROI without the need for a fully bespoke system that would take months to install.

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