Application Support

1. Let’s Get Started

Firstly, select the number of users you require.

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2. Adding More Users

Great! Next, choose whether to add ‘Team Member’ licences. These users can view any data enabled in Financials.

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3. Support Options

Synergy provides a full support package to help with any issues that may arise

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4. Introductory Setup

Perfect! Now, choose whether you’d like to sign up for our entry-level setup package. This includes data transfer and training. You can also choose your preferred payment method.

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5. Advanced Setup

If you’d prefer our advanced setup package, please choose an option below. This package includes full integration of Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central with additional features. These include: Import Payroll Journal, Multi-Currency, Multi-Company, PayPal and WorldPay, Link Approvals and Payment Export.

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6. Adding Packs

You can also add extra packs to your license, including Purchase, Sales and Stock. Select your desired options here.

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7. Additional Extras

We also offer several add-ons to further customise your package.

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All Finished

And we’re done! Please find a pricing breakdown below. This is the best place to check you’ve selected the correct options. If you’re unsure what these results mean, please don’t hesitate to contact Synergy Technology today to discuss.

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Your Configuration

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More Information

In this section, you’ll find details about our comprehensive Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central service offering.

  • Licensing Options
  • Support Options
  • Setup Options
  • Pack Types

Licensing Options

Basic License

This license is designed for employees whose roles require comprehensive access to the full application. Ideal for managers and other high-level individuals, this license grants access to edit and approve as well as manage Team Member licensees. The Basic License includes full access to the following:

Team Member License

These users are granted access to read information enabled in Financials or any other Dynamics 365 application. They can update existing data including customer, vendor and item records that have already been created. This license includes access to:

  • Approve or reject tasks in all workflows assigned to a user
  • Create, edit, delete a quote or requisition
  • Create, edit, delete personal information
  • Enter a Time Sheet for Jobs
  • Use PowerApps for Dynamics 365

Support Options

Synergy offers a support package to best suit your requirements.

Please contact Synergy Technology for more information.

Setup Options

We currently provide two tiers of setup: Introductory and Advanced. Where our Introductory setup includes everything you need to get started, Advanced can be a better option for those with complex requirements including integrations with other systems.

Please contact Synergy Technology for more information.

Pack Types

Purchase Pack features:

  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Purchase Returns
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Vendor Payment Management
  • Payment Reconciliation Journal
  • Purchase Prices/Discounts
  • Proforma and Deferrals
  • Item Charges
  • Blanket Orders
  • Purchase History Records

Sales Pack features:

  • Sales Quote
  • Sales Order Processing
  • Sales Ledger
  • Cash Receipt
  • Sales Prices/Discounts
  • Blanket Orders
  • Proformas and Deferrals
  • Sales Returns
  • Customer Contacts
  • Automatic Payment Reconciliation
  • Multiple Delivery Addresses
  • Sales History Records
  • Customer Interaction Tracking

Stock Pack features:

  • Finance and Stock Integration
  • Calculated Stock takes
  • Live Inventory visibility
  • Back to Back Ordering
  • Item Attributes
  • Item Categorisation
  • Stock Reservations
  • Item Specific Pricing
  • Multiple UOMs
  • Multiple Locations
  • Item Variants