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Jet BudgetsStreamline Your Budgeting Process – In Microsoft Dynamics

Cut Your Budget Time in Half

Are You Questioning the Value of Your Budgets

With no tools to design, share and approve a budget for small to medium-sized businesses, most companies will resort to using Microsoft Excel-based budgeting to manage these processes, however, disparate spreadsheets can’t be regulated.

A disorganised approach to budgeting is time-consuming and manual data input is incredibly risky and highly susceptible to human error. Not only this, but it sucks time from managers and executives who should be building and executing effective strategies.

Build Accurate Budgets in Half the Time with Automated Workflows

Better utilise your financial planning resources with Microsoft Dynamics and Jet Budgets, designed to work in tandem to help you to create, manage, and collaborate through the whole budgeting lifecycle.

With the intuitive Excel, and web-based interface you can automate checks and balances as well as controlling the budget workflow. On top of all this, you can reduce the number of redundant tasks that need doing and as a result of that, reduce the risk of inaccuracy by eliminating error-prone copying, pasting and exporting.

Simplify your Budgeting Process for All Users

Along with Microsoft Dynamics, Jet Budgets offers you a quick and effective way to manage spreadsheets, assign budgets, accurately report on actual-to-plan, communicate status, and import into your financial system.

Rather than waiting days, or even weeks, Jet Budgets can be installed in a matter of hours! this means you can start to set up your budgeting workflow immediately.

  • Pre-built, customisable budget templates
  • Built-in collaborative platform
  • Accessible from any device
  • Pre-built Microsoft Dynamics Report templates

Jet Budgets for Microsoft Dynamics

Jet Budgets can help to bring together your rogue spreadsheets and turn them into an incredibly useful budget. Here is what you can expect from Jet Budgets straight out-of-the-box:

  • Managed, governed spreadsheets for complete version control as well as absolute confidence in the numbers you report
  • Flexibility to reassess and adjust budgets to meet changing financial needs
  • A user-friendly, web-based interface that makes it easy to build, organise and report on budgets through a centralised system
  • Incredibly easy to setup, super-fast to implement and built to instantly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics

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