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Spindle Professional One click document delivery.

Quickly and easily send your business documents at the click of a button

In a typical month, your business will view and process thousands of documents. It is key that businesses look for solutions that can automate and streamline communication, saving time and eliminating errors.

Award-winning Spindle Professional is a flexible and dynamic document distribution solution that enables you to merge information from various business applications, to produce documents which can be sent to customers quickly and easily.

What is Spindle Professional?

Spindle Professional is a piece of add-on software solution that enables you to send documents such as invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, and statements, to multiple locations by email, fax and print, significantly reducing postage expenditure. By automating routine communications, it also reduces human errors, frees up time for more important tasks and significantly reduces expenditure on postage.

With its intuitive design, Spindle allows you to maintain a professional image by automatically adding your company logos, branding, watermarks and designs to letters, emails, invoices and delivery notes – eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed stationary. It’s easy to attach terms & conditions, add promotional offers and change designs, depending on how and what you send out.

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Spindle Professional is the most cost effective way to send documents. Complete with your company branding, finished documents are sent as PDF files. You can write emails using a template you’ve designed and personalised for the sender and recipient.


When you simply can’t email of fax, you can print on different stationary and print to multiple printers simultaneously and are guarenteed the correct number of copies. You can automate printer settings to define paper trays, colour or black and white modes.


Spindle Professional stores documents electronically saving manual filing time and eliminating filing errors. Important documents can be accessed by several people simultaneously and backed-up and copied to a secure location.

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    "Synergy Technology has been instrumental in implementing our IT systems and ensuring that we maximise the effectiveness of SuperOffice within our business. The Synergy Technology team really has made this a success for us and also SuperOffice as a product."

    Alastair Shires, Contender UK

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