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The “Classic View” in eMarketeer is Retiring

The ‘New Year, New Me’ trend is spreading – not just with people but with technology as well! On Monday 13th January 2019, eMarketeer said au revoir to their beloved “classic look” and introduced their new user interface.

Although this means that the “classic look” will no longer be available, the team at Synergy Technology promises you an improved and positive eMarketeer experience with the new UI.

This user interface will feature:

  • new and improved reports
  • enriched contact cards
  • faster loading time.

Combine these together, your eMarketeer will enable you to create reports and campaigns effortlessly, which will improve your workplace productivity. As well as this, the enriched contact cards feature details of the contact’s last location, their contact information and which campaigns they are listed underneath. Therefore, you can easily manage and sort your contacts without much training.

Finally, the fast loading time between different sections of the application will improve your focus, productivity and allow for a continuous flow of work.

You can go ahead and start using the new eMarketeer user interface right away.

If you require assistance with using eMarketeer or would like to know more about the application, please get in touch with Synergy Technology today by completing our online enquiry here or calling us on 0345 456 0050.

New user interface introduced to eMarketeer - Synergy Technology