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Connecting Pegasus Opera with Maxoptra

Synergy Technology can help you to connect your Pegasus Opera system with Maxoptra – the route optimisation software that will allow you to become a market leader with your deliveries.

Our experts are on-hand to help you connect your business-critical systems and realise the full potential of your existing software investment. Bridging the gap between Opera and Maxoptra can reap multiple benefits for your business.

Keep reading to see various potential real-world applications of this setup and the ways in which it could actively improve your operational efficiency!

Fleet Management

A seamless integration between these core business systems means you can introduce the power of Maxoptra to your fleet management approach.

From communicating with drivers to optimising delivery routes, fuel efficiency and mileage, it is pivotal to keep abreast of your deliveries and distribution network. Maxoptra allows you to access all this data at the touch of a button, boosting the effectiveness of your logistical setup.

This, in turn, can help you manage customer expectations and keep your clientele happy. With happier customers, you can cement your business’s position in the marketplace.

MaxConnect Order Management

MaxConnect provides synchronised systems to centralise everything from the input of the order to the warehouse location, the picking and packing stages, and finally vehicle loading.

This seamless system lets users see which orders are being processed as it happens, providing an unprecedented level of control. With MaxConnect’s continuous re-evaluation facility, orders are tracked right up until vehicle loading. This comprehensive approach ensures nothing is missed.

Giving your team the tools to process orders swiftly and effectively can prove vital in daily operations, as well as keeping your customers happy.

For more information about this add-on, please visit this page.

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