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Document Capture for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Companies at times can become overwhelmed by the number of invoices and documents they need to submit to their Microsoft 365 Business Central. Certified by Microsoft, Document Capture was introduced by Continia Software as an add-on feature to Business Central to help streamline and automate every step of document handling.

There are various features to the Document Capture add-on can help to benefit every company that needs a comprehensive solution for the scanning of invoices and other documents such as order confirmations, contracts, and certificates.

Automated Document Registration

The automated software helps to capture data through scans, extracts of OCR-data, registers, posts

In the add-on, you can set up dedicated email addresses and drop folders in which Document Capture will automatically download and process all digital documents, as well as being able to scan and process paper documents. Finally, you can register purchase invoices in various data formats.

All the documents which have been downloaded, scan or processed are collected and stored directly into your Microsoft Business Central, ready for registration.

Invoice Processing and Management

Invoices and other similar documents can easily be typed into your Business Central, whereas PDF and paper documents are automatically read and understood by Business Central. This is due to Optical Character Recognition technology, or OCR technology for short, which enables you to convert different types of documents, files or images captured into editable and searchable data.

Using a 3-way matching system, invoices can be matched up automatically to existing purchasing orders or receipts, as well as approved and posted if the amounts are within predefined thresholds. This means you will end up with a set of complete invoices without doing any typing at all.

Approval Workflows for Everyone

With the Document Capture add-on, you can enable for anyone in your company to have access to the approval workflow. The workflow has an easy overview of all invoices, which include important details such as current status and who the approver is for specific invoices. Approvers can accept or reject an invoice, place it on hold or forward it to another person in the company for review or approval. Comments and attachments can be easily added to each invoice as well.

With an end-to-end approval workflow solution, your company will have faster approvals of invoices and will be in total control. If anyone in the company does not have access to Business Central, then they are able to approve invoices on their computer or phone via their web browser, in which they will have been notified and sent a link by email. All approved invoices are collected in an overview where you can go through all released purchase invoices before final posting.

Access Documents from Anywhere

The digital archive in Document Capture offers your company access to all your documents in Business Central from anywhere in the system, such as PDF files and scanned documents. All documents are fully indexed in the digital archive, allowing you to complete a full-text search of all document data. Through this, you can view original PDF invoices from the posted invoice card or entry screen, or you can search for any text on a document, even if the information has not been transferred to a field in Business Central.

How will Document Capture benefit your company?

Document Capture is 100% integrated with Business Central, meaning that you eliminate manual data entry which will improve the efficiency of document handling, thus reducing human error. Furthermore, Document Capture provides you with the right tools to ensure you speed up your invoice approval process by having a fully updated overview of all invoices pending approval and the current approver. Finally, Continia Document Capture will help you in saving time when re-finding invoices with fully indexed PDF-documents.

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