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EU-US Privacy Shield Thrown Out

The EU-US Privacy Shield has been thrown out by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). This decision will likely lead to major disruption to EU-UK data flows in the post-Brexit world.
At Synergy Technology, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service. That’s why we are highlighting the ECJ’s announcement as potentially extremely important to your business operations.

Are you a marketer using a US-based marketing platform? This is a complex situation that can affect you. Data sovereignty is now the responsibility of the marketer and it’s important to ensure your data handling policies tick the right boxes.

Insider Knowledge from Force24

Synergy Technology maintains close working relationships with leading tech firms across the United Kingdom. One of our trusted partners, Force24, is a specialist in marketing automation and has the in-depth knowledge to keep your security policies airtight. You can find out more about Force24 by visiting the official website here.

Force24 is hosting a free webinar on 19th August at 11:30am. This friendly and informative session will be completely free of charge and will discuss important topics including:

  • What are the different legal ways of transferring data overseas?
  • Is it now illegal for marketing platform vendors to transfer data to the US?
  • How will marketing platforms handle personal data change when we leave the EU?

What is data protection adequacy?

Our informed and experienced colleagues at Force24 will be on-hand to shed some light on these complex issues and how they are likely to affect us all post-Brexit.

To sign up for the Force24 webinar on Wednesday 17th August, please follow this link:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the European Court of Justice (ECJ)? – It is the supreme court of the European Union and is ultimately responsible for setting EU law. It is, in effect, the most powerful and influential international court on the continent.
What is the EU-US Privacy Shield? – This accord allowed companies to sign up to higher privacy standards, prior to transferring data to the US. It is a system which facilitates digital trade for around 5,300 Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).
Why has the ECJ thrown it out? – It has been successfully contested because US national security laws did not protect EU citizens from government surveillance.
Who brought forward this case? – Max Schrems, an Austrian privacy advocate, has been heavily involved in a years-long dispute on the case. The ECJ ultimately echoed his view that the US would need to change its surveillance laws in order for data-handling organisations to be allowed to continue operating within the EU market.

Additional Information

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