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Introducing BOM for Opera 3

The Bill of Materials (BOM) application is available now on your Pegasus Opera 3 system.

BOM is a specialist application designed to provide fast and accurate manufacturing information for business. This might include work in progress data, assembly structure details, serial and batch locations, or details on used or assembly cost reports.

This app is a fantastic addition to Pegasus Opera 3, particularly for businesses involved with manufacturing and fabrication.

Powerful Capabilities

As well as providing details on manufacturing progress, BOM can help you construct assembly structures. These can be either simple or complex, including pre-assemblies and components such as raw materials and labour. Alternatively, you can opt to have a description only.

In addition, BOM’s Knitting function allows further flexibility by enabling works orders to be raised and receive a build quantity to update stock levels in a single process. This helps you to receive up-to-date information, from work in progress data right through to stock updates regarding finished products.

Collectively, these capabilities make BOM an outstanding option for any business involved with manufacturing processes. This application is available now and the experts at Synergy Technology are ready to install it on your Pegasus Opera 3 system.

More details are available on this document, from the official Pegasus help centre.

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