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Latest Pegasus Opera SE Updates

Pegasus has been extremely productive so far in 2019, in which a lot of interesting development has been occurring, preparing for Opera SE.

Some of the development updates which have already been released include:

  • Opera 3 (version 2.60.12) which has included the Making Tax Digital import, the inclusion of Making Tax Digital bridging software (allowing for communication with HMRC’s systems) and improved Making Tax Digital messaging and display information.
  • Pegasus Web Xchange (version 2.00.50) which included an uplift for Welsh tax and postgraduate loans.
  • XRL (version 1.66.00) which has included an uplift of datalink for Payroll 19 and Making Tax Digital.
  • P11D Organiser (version 2019.2.1) which has included the legislative changes for the 1019-20 tax year and some minor software improvements.


There are a few software developments/upgrades which are still in progress…

Pegasus XRL and Payroll for Opera 3 SQL SE

Even though there have been updates made to Pegasus XRL earlier in the year, there are further updates being carried out. Pegasus has released a statement to say that both XRL and Payroll have completed the developmental stage, with XRL in testing currently with Payroll to follow when testing resources become available.

Both developments have impacted with engineering resources being re-allocated to support the rollout of Maxing Tax Digital, VAT consolidation, Making Tax Digital Import and Making Tax Digital Bridging Software.

With XRL for Opera SE, Pegasus have engineered a new Datalink for SE and a new security model to access the underlying Opera 3 SE database. Also, this new security model will be used to furnish their reporting services solution in the future.

Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019 Support

Pegasus has scheduled for the implementation of support for Windows Server 2019 and Office 2019 at the end of June 2019.

A recent statement from Pegasus states that although they have successfully tested the Opera 3 Making Tax Digital with VAT solution on both platforms, they are unable to quantify the impact .NET 4.7.2 may have on other components on the Pegasus platform and they cannot disregard Microsoft’s position that it is not supported. Therefore, they have had to withdraw the support for these platforms in the meantime whenever Making Tax Digital is in use.

If you need any help or advice on these current support changes, then the Synergy Technology team can help. Please contact for support on this issue.

Other developments to come include:

  • Pegasus CIS (versions 4.02.00) which will implement Reverse Charge VAT – scheduled for Summer 2019.
  • Further updates to Pegasus Web Xchange which will implement a technological uplift to .NET 4.7.2 and TLS 1.2 – scheduled for Summer 2019.
  • Bill of Materials for SE


If you have any questions about the latest updates and how they might affect you, then get in touch with the Synergy Technology team today on 0345 456 0050.