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Announcements for the Latest Updates within Business Central

At Synergy Technology, we think it is important to constantly improve and to find innovative ways to utilise software’s to benefit your business. It has recently been announced that multiple updates are coming to Business Central from October 2019 through to March 2020, seeing improvements to various features, which will aid to add value to your business. Here are the top 3 improvements which will be made to Business Central in the upcoming months.


Multiple Production Environments

For each Business Central database, administrators within your business can create multiple production environments. This will include the option for environments to be in a different county-specific or region-specific version of Business Central. This will become available for Business Central users from October 2019.

By having multiple production environments available, it will assist multinational companies when it comes to their finances, as you must be able to manage your finances based on the legal requirements in the country or region which you are operating.

With the latest updates, you can create a Business Central production environment for business divisions, subsidiaries, and so on, that can operate in different countries or regions across the world.


Ability to Download a Database Backup File

In the Business Central Administration Centre, database administrators can create and download a database backup for each environment for each database within the company.

This has been introduced since many countries have legal requirements that users must be able to have access to their data files. Additionally, the introduction of this feature will help to provide the option for users to download the file locally to import it into their local database.


Enhancements to Excel Integration

The last update to come into Business Central is the enhancements to the Excel integration. When a user selects the Edit action in Microsoft Excel from a listing page, most filters set on the list page are applied to the list when it is exported to Excel. This enables publishing changes back into your Business Central from a filtered list of records in Excel.

Furthermore, the number of fields available for reading and publishing edits from Excel will be expanded. This will include being able to view and edit fields that are added to pages through extensions.

Introducing these new features to your Excel integration with Business Central will help to improve your businesses dynamic flow. Microsoft Excel is one of the most common tools used in financial systems. Based on customer feedback which Business Central has received, these planned enhancements help to enable add more scenarios for users when using the Microsoft Dynamics add-in for Excel with Business Central.

These are the top 3 updates which are being implemented in Business Central over the next few months.

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Latest updates to Business Central from October 2019 to March 2020, explained by Synergy Technology.