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Marketing in SuperOffice

With the help of Synergy Technology, you can have your business system fully integrated SuperOffice for seamless and a tight-knit solution for all customer-oriented business processes. SuperOffice CRM is an incredibly powerful and user-friendly CRM tool, offering you the ability to keep your data all in one place when creating marketing campaigns.

The ‘Marketing’ feature is designed to help your business reach your target group, send optimised emails and improve your sales/enquiries.

Features of Marketing in SuperOffice

With the ‘Marketing’ section in SuperOffice, you can easily target your market audience using selections, personalising your messages and using the new forms to capture the information you need. You can create new or use existing templates for mailing in the following formats:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • Document
  • Form Response

The best part is that no coding is required to create professional-looking forms since SuperOffice provides an intuitive and user-friendly layout at each step.

Another great thing about SuperOffice is that you can popular your mailings, messages and forms to include high-quality data from your CRM, which helps to provide credibility and accuracy.

With the ability to create and track targeted links and form submissions, it is now easier than ever to follow up with your mailing recipients about your services/products and to track the success of your campaigns. All leads your business receives from emails, forms, trade shows, and direct mail lists can be easily imported into one central place, which can then help to generate targeted lists and audiences for future marketing campaigns.

Finally, SuperOffice is optimised to help your business reach your audience of multiple platforms, with it being fully developed for desktop, mobile and tablet devices.

SuperOffice CRM from Synergy Technology

With help from Synergy Technology, we can help you boost your marketing efforts with SuperOffice CRM by generating effective and trouble-free mailings, helping to improve customer relations and lead management.

To get started with Marketing from SuperOffice CRM, contact the Synergy Technology team today – call us on 0345 456 0050 or send your enquiry through on our website.