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Microsoft GDPR support for Dynamics NAV

Changes to regulations regarding businesses using personal data will be implemented in May 2018. The introduction of GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) across Europe (including the UK) will necessitate all businesses that collect, store and use personal data to review their systems and processes in order to comply – which pretty much means everyone. Business systems, software and business applications that are used in day-to-day operations will be required to be adapted to ensure personal data is collected, stored and used within the guidance of the new regulation.

On that note, businesses that use Dynamics NAV need to be aware that older versions of NAV will not be supported with the necessary adaptations required. It is critical that if your organisation uses Dynamics NAV to check if your version will still be supported.

Mainstream support for Dynamics NAV 2013 and Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 ended in January 2018. Microsoft recommends customers using this version to upgrade to a newer version of Dynamics NAV in order to ensure supportability. This is critical with the imminent arrival of GDPR as some earlier versions of NAV without extended support will not receive the GDPR updates.

Microsoft Customers who are currently on a service plan can continue to access the following benefits through CustomerSource:

  • Previously released Upgrades, Updates, Service Packs, Fixes and Regulator / Tax Updates (including GDPR updates)
  • Self-Help Support through Knowledge Base articles and online content
  • Unlimited Online Training for all users


Microsoft is dedicated to helping our partners and customers meet the requirements of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that applies to all EU citizens and businesses. By May 2018, all supported versions of Dynamics NAV will be updated for GDPR compliance. We are also working on a whitepaper that will help you make your solution compliant.
Source: Dynamics NAV Team Blog, 21st December 2017

If you want check the Lifecycle support for your Dynamics NAV visit the Product life Cycle Chart on Microsoft’s website.

To follow the latest update from Microsoft regarding GDPR, follow their Developer Blog page

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