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Opera 3 SQL SE Announce XRL Release

Another major milestone in the lifecycle of Opera 3 SQL SE has recently been reached – the official release of improved XRL. The release of Pegasus XRL for Opera 3 SQL SE means that users can now have the analytical abilities, which they have been waiting for.

Pegasus XRL with Opera 3 SQL SE

The release of Pegasus XRL (version 1.66.00) has included an uplift of datalink in order to support the implementation of Making Tax Digital. The newly engineered Datalink for SE and a new security model will be able to access the underlying Opera 3 SE database. Furthermore, the new security model will be used to furnish Pegasus’ reporting services solution in the future.

Pegasus XRL will highly benefit users of Opera 3 SQL SE as it provides an easy and effective way of extracting your financial information directly from your live data held in your Opera 3 system to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can find out more about the updates to come for Pegasus in 2019 here:

Synergy Technology are here for all your technical needs and can help you install Pegasus XRL into your Opera 3 SQL SE software.

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Pegasus XRL in Opera for all Opera users - for analytical purposes and ready to implement with Synergy Technology.