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Opera 3 SQL SE Released

Pegasus has released the latest version of its Opera software. Pegasus has been providing powerful user-friendly business software for over 35 years and their latest solution is designed to make managing a small to medium enterprise dramatically more efficient and simpler to use. Built on robust Microsoft technologies it aims to accelerate your business by taking its efficiency and security to another level. Read on to find out how this business management tool will help you do more with less!

Opera 3 SQL SE at a Glance

  • Make better decisions, faster
  • Deploy an integrated solution
  • Fast-track your financials
  • Adapt to change

Better Decisions, Faster

Opera 3 SQL SE applications integrate directly with Excel spreadsheets giving you easy access to business critical information. Spend less time searching for information and more time acting upon it.

Integrated Solutions

Reporting linked directly to Excel provides a unified view of your business allowing you to make fully informed decisions with total visibility of multiple companies and currencies.

Fast-track Financials

Continually track your Revenue with full visibility of your cashflow including monies owed and payment due dates.

Adapt to Change

Opera 3 SQL SE applications can be deployed when you need them and can be expanded as your business grows. The flexibility of the options allows you to tailor how the software works for you.

The Power of Opera 3 SQL SE

  • Microsoft .NET and SQL Server technologies provide security, power and reliability.
  • Cashflow and Error correction tools.
  • Credit Management.
  • Secure management of supplier transactions.
  • Repeat invoicing for contract sales invoices.
  • Detailed, multi-level analysis of your finances.
  • Create your own data views with drilldown and charts that can be exported to Excel.
  • Submit VAT returns electronically to HMRC.
  • Ability to schedule tasks to suit you.
  • Intuitive design, ease of use and hassle-free deployment.
  • Customisable navigation bar.

Opera 3 SQL SE is a system that allows you to pick and choose the functionality required to meet the challenges your business faces today and because it is built on the latest Microsoft technologies you know it will continue to support your business well into the future. For more details, please contact the Synergy Technology team on 0345 456 0050.