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Pocket CRM 9.0.3 Update Released

Release of Pocket CRM 9.0.3: Latest Bug Fixes and Changes

This April, SuperOffice has release the latest updated to the Pocket CRM with update 9.0.3 fixing numerous bugs which have been found over the past couple of months. You can find below the full details of the changes made to the Pocket CRM in the latest update below.

Issue with logging in to Pocket CRM from Xiaomi Pocophone F1 Mobile

SuperOffice has investigated and fixed the login issue for users of the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 mobile, android version 9 PKQ1.180729.001 and the Xiaomi Mix 3 mobile.

The issue was that the Pocket CRM would load but the login screen would not load, therefore users were unable to login to the program.

Issue with ‘Busy Days’ being marked on Calendar View

Issue has now been fixed in which users were unable to mark busy days on calendar view for Pocket CRM versions 9.0.2 and with the SuperOffice CRM version 8.0 and below.

Users are now able to mark busy days and compare availability against the availability of other team members.

Issue with Saving Appointment Description in Pocket CRM

The latest Pocket CRM 9.0.3 has fixed issues with savings appointment descriptions to the Pocket CRM app when using Netserver 7.5 and Pocket Server 7.6.2. Users should now be able to add new appointments with descriptions and be able to view them at a later date, without them disappearing.

Issue with Installation of Pocket CRM to Android Devices

The Pocket CRM 9.0.3 update has seen to that all users on Android devices can now install the Pocket CRM app.

Issue with new appointments not loading

Any new appointments that are added to the project/sales sections of the Pocket CRM are now viewable and able to be seen by all users.

Issue with Pocket CRM crashing when navigating

The issue which was risen about the Pocket CRM app crashing when navigating from quick search-related person has now been seen to and fixed by SuperOffice, enabling smooth navigation around the app.

Issue with columns in month screen view

Users who were experiencing issue with ‘Sundays’ showing in different columns for some months in the month calendar view will now see that all columns are consistent, and each day remains in the same column for each month.

Issue with radio buttons not showing on Android devices

The radio buttons in the Pocket CRM app are now showing on all Android devices with the newest app update.

Issue with sale search failing or providing duplicates

All users on the Pocket CRM 9.0.3 app can conduct a successful sale search, in which no duplicates will be presented in the results.

Still Experiencing Issues?

If you are a user of the Pocket CRM and you are still experiencing one of the issues listed above, then you may want to check that the latest update for Pocket CRM has been installed onto your mobile through your app store or settings.

If the latest update has been installed and you are still experiencing issues, then get in touch with SuperOffice on their website. Otherwise, please get in touch with us here at Synergy Technology and we will fix it for you.

If you want to get started with SuperOffice CRM, then please contact Synergy Technology and speak to an experienced member from our team to get started!