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SuperOffice 8.5 – R09 is Now Available!

SuperOffice 8.5 is the current major upgrade of the CRM platform, divided into sub-releases spread across multiple months. The SuperOffice 8.5 – R09 update has recently been released, designed to implement updates that could increase work efficiency and help to save time, as well as meeting user expectations from SuperOffice customers.

Updates to SuperOffice

The new SuperOffice 8.5 – R09 features:

  • Extended email validation in chat and forms
    • If you need to validate whether the email domain exists. This helps to avoid spelling errors such as ‘gmail.vom’
  • New security patches
  • Bug fixes and improvements, such as issues with dashboard drill down, SuperOffice Inbox and invitations. You can find the full list of bug fixes on SuperOffice:

The main update for this SuperOffice patch is the extended email validation in chat and forms. When a person visits your website and inputs their contact details on a web form or through chat, they will be asked for an email address.

With SuperOffice 8.5 – R09, it will check and validate the inputted email address to ensure that it is an existing domain name. If the person uses an email address with an invalid domain name, a pop-up error message will appear, explaining their email address is not valid and prompting them to double-check what they have inputted.

By implementing this, only people using valid email addresses will be able to contact businesses through chat and web forms. Also, this will help to improve the quality of the customer data your company saves in SuperOffice CRM.

Revolutionise Your Business with SuperOffice

SuperOffice is the key to running successful customer relationships, with an innovative and user-friendly CRM system. This all-in-one system is designed to give you a full view of your customer contacts and support all sales and marketing business processes.

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