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SuperOffice 8.5 Release with 66 Improvements and Fixes

A major update has come at the end of May for SuperOffice, with the release of the latest update which has been 66 improvements and bug fixes.

Major Fixes

Some of the major fixes included with the SuperOffice 8.5 release are:

  • 50+ new form templates have been added to the Online Template library
  • New preferences added to suppress splash screen to install/upgrade web tools
  • Possible to view and edit ExtraTables in Sales – Web panel
  • You can select a language when using reply templates in a ticket
  • The quick search box in Service is compatible to have ‘#’ searches to get the tag chooser.

Other bugs which have been fixed range from issues with the translation of tags, tickets remaining on the software after being deleted, being unable to open Online Template library in FireFox and many more.

You can visit the SuperOffice community page online to view a full list of the bug fixes and improvements in the latest release. Click here to go to the SuperOffice website. 

If you still have an issue with your SuperOffice which you would like advice on how to fix, then please get in touch with Synergy Technology today and our experts will try and help. Get in touch on 0345 456 0050 today.