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SuperOffice CRM Integration Creates Synergy for Maxoptra Delivery Software

Synergy Technology is proud to partner with Maxoptra to develop the integration to bridge the gap between customer services and live operations. The development team at Synergy Technology provided the integration of SuperOffice Customer Service with Maxoptra’s delivery management and route optimisation solution. The resulting seamless flow of business-critical information between the two systems is boosting the customer experience and improving operational efficiency for delivery and field service companies.

“Maxoptra is leading the way in dynamic delivery management and route planning for the SME sector, with a functionally rich solution that is cloud based and subscription offered,” commented Trevor Sharp, Head of Development at Synergy Technology, one of the largest SuperOffice partners in the UK. “Also, Maxoptra does not require specialist IT support or training; in fact its open programming interface and proactive development team made this one of the easiest integrations we have undertaken.”

Tim McCarthy, Maxoptra Sales Manager, added, “Integration with existing technologies is one of the factors that makes Maxoptra appealing to SMEs.

We were therefore delighted to work with Synergy Technology to boost the power and functionality of Maxoptra, through SuperOffice integration, automating the flow of customer centric data within delivery and service planning.”


The original integration of SuperOffice and Maxoptra by Synergy Technology was customer led and has contributed to significant operational efficiencies and improved customer service for the end user. Mobile resources are more effectively used and on road costs have been reduced. The customer experience has also been revolutionised with accurate and timely communications automatically generated.

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