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SuperOffice & Maxoptra Integration

Maxoptra has introduced a brand-new integration with SuperOffice. Developed by the engineers at Synergy Technology, this will help to bridge the gap between customer services and live operations.

Synergy Technology and Maxoptra share a close working relationship, with both organisations working hard to deliver outstanding solutions for customers everywhere. Synergy’s development of a new integration between SuperOffice Customer Service and Maxoptra’s delivery management and route optimisation solution is sure to give SMEs a boost in convenience and productivity.

Trevor Sharp, our Head of Development, said of the integration:

“Maxoptra is leading the way in dynamic delivery management and route planning for the SME sector, with a functionally rich solution that is cloud based and subscription offered. Also, Maxoptra does not require specialist IT support or training; in fact, its open programming interface and proactive development team made this one of the easiest integrations we have undertaken.”

Now that this integration is ready for deployment, businesses in the delivery and field service industries can look forward to an unprecedented level of control over their deliveries and their impact on customer experience.

Delivery Route Planner from Maxoptra

An outstanding function for distribution and logistics companies, Maxoptra’s Delivery Route Planner is a software solution that offers fantastic results for both SMEs and end users.
This system can be used to plan and share delivery routes, facilitating more efficient operations for drivers delivery teams. With data such as fuel efficiency, mileage, delivery costs, and interactive maps, it’s easier than ever before to operate at peak efficiency and keep your customers happy.

With the addition of customer interaction and information sharing, distribution and customer deliveries have never been easier to monitor and manage.

Customer Services in SuperOffice

SuperOffice features excellent internal customer service capabilities designed to help you keep your clientele happy. With tools to help you manage, track and handle customer enquiries, this software can prove invaluable to SMEs everywhere.

SuperOffice & Maxoptra

This new integration will facilitate the seamless transition of key information between these two otherwise disparate systems. With a next-gen level of integrated data sharing, SMEs can improve their customers’ experience whilst boosting their own operational efficiencies.

For more information about this exciting development, please contact Synergy Technology today. Simply call 0345 456 0050 now to speak with a member of our dedicated team.

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