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SuperOffice announce release of Pocket CRM version 9.0.7

In the latest update, the Pocket CRM from SuperOffice has seen various bug fixes and some important changes to the app.


Major Changes

Some of the biggest changes in version 9.0.7 of the Pocket CRM are:

  • Possible to list ‘Appointment’ types, which should not trigger a notification in “Settings – Push Notifications”. This is helpful for appointments of type “Vacation”, “Seminar”, “Sick Leave” etc.
  • iOS supports the concept of App Extensions as a method of interacting with an application without starting it or showing it on the screen. The pocket now has its own extension called “My Day” where you will see all your appointments for the next 48 hours. You can add it to your App Extension screen to try it out (when on the home screen, swipe right to access the App Extensions screen)
  • iOS 13 supports Long-Press gestures (or 3D touch on some phones). The Pocket CRM now supports long-press on the Pocket CRM icon on the home screen to invoke a menu of different shortcuts for actions you can do within Pocket CRM.


Bug Fixes and Improvements

The various bug fixes and improvements made include:

  • The problem with ‘Swipe to add favourite sale’ in the project screen
  • Not possible to send an SMS to project members in the ‘Project Members’ list
  • The problem with ‘Go to Today’ in the “Week View” if the “Week View” showed the week containing today’s date
  • The person quick search showed colleagues with a grey person icon
  • Pocket server issues which include:
    • An error message when adding participants to a new appointment with the Pocket server configuration
    • The ‘History List’ shows ‘Persons’ not belonging to the company you are looking at.


If you still have an issue with your SuperOffice Pocket CRM which you would like advice on how to fix, then please get in touch with Synergy Technology today and our experts will try and help. Get in touch on 0345 456 0050 today or raise a ticket through our Help Desk:

Pocket CRM version 9.0.7 update for SuperOffice, explained by Synergy Technology.