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Synergy Technology Announce Partnership with TRIMIT

Big news for Synergy Technology  as we become an official partner of TRIMIT, a specialist add-on for Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central. The TRIMIT add-on is specifically designed for the fashion and furniture sections, along with other configuration-led companies, helping you to optimise your business and achieve its full potential.

TRIMIT has more than 28 years’ experience and knowledge in the industry and has been tailored to provide end-to-end execution and optimisation of processes – from design to delivery! This has resulted in a software that is 100% built for its target industries and free from superfluous features.

When your business grows, TRIMIT grows with you in which it is upgradeable and easy to adapt throughout all three applications. Throughout all three applications, TRIMIT contributes to your business by providing you with a way to:

  • Control of an unlimited number of variants such as sizes, colours and sorts
  • Minimize waste and maximise your profiles through streamlining your Bill of Material
  • Keep you up to date with inventory status
  • Easily follow up on customers and different brands.

TRIMIT Fashion

The fashion industry relies on numerous processes working seamlessly daily, in which each individual step of the journey is pivotal to the success of your business. By using TRIMIT’s innovative software, you can keep track of everything from fabrics and styles to sales, manufacturing statistics and warehousing data.

Furthermore, TRMIT Fashion provides you with the functionality you require to support your business model. It even supports your business if you design made-to-measure and custom orders, as well as services like logo placement and embroidery!

TRIMIT can help the fashion industry in various ways, along with helping your business to grow, in which the add-on is upgradeable and easy to adapt.

TRIMIT Furniture

The TRIMIT add-on can benefit businesses widely across the furniture industry, such as manufacturers and vendors. TRIMIT Furniture can help you to co-ordinate and keep on track of everything from sales, purchasing of raw materials, warehousing, and manufacturing.

TRIMIT Furniture can make processes such as accessing critical information on the go effortless, allowing you to concentrate on making informed business decisions wherever and whenever needed.

This add-on can provide businesses with a common platform for each department to interact through, creating strong communication channels that can help to keep employee morale’s high and customers happy!

TRIMIT Configuration

For businesses that work in a legacy system or multiple systems and managing complex products, TRIMIT Configuration can help. This add-on comes with a built-in product configurator and sales configurator which is ideal for manufacturers or vendors of products with multiple options or variants. This built-in feature makes it easy for businesses to configure products and manage their product variants, from design, quotation and sales to assembly and customer service.

TRIMIT Configuration offers businesses an ideal software solution which includes online calculation at order entry and automatic creation of production orders with relation to customer orders. These features are examples of how TRIMIT Configuration has been designed with the consumer in mind, offering robust software to optimise daily processes and manage a large-scale product stock with ease.

TRIMIT with Synergy Technology

TRIMIT’s moto is ‘half the work, double the profits’ and they are not wrong! Through Synergy Technology, you can integrate your Dynamics NAV and 365 Business Central with TRIMIT for an effective software solution that is guaranteed to help you save time and money in the future!

Do you want to find out even more about what TRIMIT has to offer? Visit the TRIMIT add-on page for more details:

To integrate the TRIMIT add-on into your software, simply call us today on 0345 456 0050 or click here to send your enquiry through to a member of Synergy Technology.

Synergy Technology announce partnership with TRIMIT