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The Dynamic direction of NAV

Members from senior team at Synergy Technology has recently returned from the Directions EMEA meeting in Madrid. Directions EMEA is an independent conference for Microsoft Dynamics partners from the ERP and CRM channels focusing on the Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) market.

Directions this year signalled a significant step in the product strategy for Dynamics NAV and the SME market agenda for their Dynamics products. Whilst Microsoft has abandoned their initial development of two editions of Dynamics 365, (by basically no longer launching the Dynamics 365 Business Edition), it was very apparent that the NAV platform remains an integral component to their Dynamics 365 strategy. Previous announcements could have led both Microsoft partners and their customers to believe that NAV was to become almost a legacy. It was made reassuringly clear during the presentations from Microsoft at Directions EMEA that NAV will stay the platform of choice for enterprising businesses that want to have a suite with a wide range of business process capabilities for ERP, Financials, CRM and more, delivered on-premise or through cloud and hosted services.

What is important is that the capabilities and the code base, will be 100% identical starting with the next release of NAV, NAV2018 (name may change but currently called ‘Tenerife’ ) regardless of whether businesses deploy NAV as an on-premise solution or as a cloud-based system.

We are therefore able to reassure our customers who are currently managing their system on premise and choose to continue to do so, that you can migrate to cloud according to your requirements and terms and when you are ready to do so, without having to change your NAV product. And you can then add capabilities as you go, be it in sales, marketing, operations or field service. All Dynamics applications, including the next version of Microsoft NAV, will use the Common Data Service, and are designed to work seamlessly together.

Synergy Technology has the professional team and the skills to support your NAV system with training and technical support as well as providing the expertise to integrate third party add ons and customisation of your system. We can also provide the necessary solutions and support to serve you and your business regardless of whether you choose to deploy your solution on-premise or via public or private cloud services.

For further information regarding our products and service and to discuss your Dynamics NAV system please contact Synergy Technology on 0345 456 0050.