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The Latest Release of SuperOffice is Here!

SuperOffice 8.5 R04 has been released, with 51 improvements and fixes addressed in the latest update, to aid with the usability of your SuperOffice and to help increase efficiency to your business.

Some of the major improvements made are as follows:

  1. New field type added to the Forms (Google reCaptcha)
  2. ‘Most Service’ admin settings are available now from the ‘Sales Admin’ client
  3. ‘Admin Preferences’ has had a new tab created for ‘Global Preferences’, in which these are preferences that can only be set system-wide
  4. Extra fields from ‘Service’ can be used as in search criteria and columns in sales
  5. Bug fixes and improvements have been made. Areas which have had issues addressed include:
    1. Calendars
    2. Exporting tool
    3. Email templates
    4. New invitations
    5. Appointments

To view the full list of improvements and bug fixes, you can visit the SuperOffice community page here. 


If you want to find out more about SuperOffice and the latest enhancement with SuperOffice 8.5, then speak to your Account Manager today. Either get in touch on 0345 456 0050 or send us your enquiries through our website.

SuperOffice 8.5 update - explained by Synergy Technology.